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I specialize in flashing Sprint phones over to Boost Mobile. I have been flashing phones to BM for around four years now, and have flashed high end Sprint Android phones over to Boost for over three years. (I offer hands on, full time customer service that is just one phone call away and I don't use voicemail because I always answer the phone 24/7).

In those three years I have flashed over 450 (Android) phones for customers like you from all over the country. After converting your phone, everything will work..Talk, Text (sms,msm), GPS, Google Play Store (Android App Market), and 3g EvDo(*LG models when possible). Plus on certain phones I can give you free unlimited access to your Wifi hotspot feature. Learn more about all of the features that can be accessed, and why you MUST have a donor phone, and which two donor phones will work here.

PHONES ABLE TO BE FLASHED:HTC One Max, HTC One(m8, m7),EvoLTE, Evo4g, EvoShift, Evo3d, EvoView. The Galaxy Note3 & Note2, Galaxy Mega, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Victory, GalaxyTab, NexusS 4g, Galaxy Epic, Transform, Intercept, Moment, LG's G3, G2, OptimusS, Marquee(1xOnly), and none of them need to be rooted in order to complete the service.  For pricing options and my regular flashing to Boost updates, click on the "Important Details" page of this website.

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To all our out of state customers: We offer two ways to flash your Sprint phone to Boost. You can either ship the donor & Sprint phone to us and they will be shipped back out either the same day received. Or we can flash it remotely via Teamviewer, to do this you must have a Windows operating system computer. Operating either Windows XP, or Windows 7(32bit only), plus a usb data cable. Payment will be made with PayPal or GreenDot MoneyPak Reload card. If you do not have a donor phone and end up purchasing one from us, we will mail it to you after the service. ****Please Note*****:You must specify which company(USPS is $6) & prepay for the return shipping fee of your phone(s). .Most packages are shipped back the same day they are received, the following day at the latest. Call anytime for address/more information.

Find pricing options and other important information by clicking on "Important details" above. 

Stillboosted Business Package: Includes Installation of all needed programs, drivers, files & Commands list, Tutorials & How to's. Full Training on all flashable Sprint devices listed(on the left). 24/7 Customer Service line/ for post training follow up, also troubleshooting. All for the unbeatable price of $299! Call anytime for more information.
!!!!!GREAT NEWS!!!! Should Be Able To Flash The iPhone 4's and The iPhone 5's To Boost SOON!!!!! Check Back Here For More News-Posted 1-10-15(Hopefully Within A Week!!!!!