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If you already have a Boost account we will just swap the donor phone out for the current one on it. You will not lose your number or have to start a new account, and most numbers can be ported in. We Flash Samsung, LG, and Sprint iPhone Fives & Sixes and All Sprint HTC Phones

​1. A Boost donor phone is needed to activate your Sprint Android phone. This is simply a Boost phone that will donate its identifying info so that it hides the Sprint phones identity, that you want to use on Boost.  You must own the physical donor phone, a "ghost donor" is ​when you use the info from a donor that you don't own or have the actual phone itself in your possession.   

  •   In order to get true 3g EvDo internet basically two types of phones will work as donors, the Sanyo Incognito(Model 6760) or the LG Tribute(Model LS665)(Both pictured to the right, The Incognito in silver, the LG w/ it's screen showing). 

  •   You may purchase a donor phone from us or find one on your own. Make sure that the charging port works before you buy it. Also for Boost branded donors make sure the phone can be activated before you purchase it. For Sprint branded donors make sure it has a clean ESN before you purchase it. 

2.   You will need a Boost account, if you don't have one we will set one up for you.

  •  If you do not have a Boost account we will set one up for you, but you will still need to add money to it. The only way to test everything out for you, will be to actually have service on your account

Once you have your donor phone(Incognito, Tribute, RumorReflex) along with your Sprint phone, the flashing process will take approximately two hours. Activating the Wifi Hotspot or rooting will cost more, and take longer to complete.  

As always, you can call me anytime before and after the service, should you have any questions or need help with your phone -- Stillboosted  

​Still Boosted ® , , is not affiliated with Boost Mobile, HTC, Apple or Sprint.
Boost offers two plans:

  •  $35 2gb Data plan(pay $35 for first month/(new accts) add $10 for activating a used phone), 

  •  $2 a day unlimited plan(pay $20 for 10 days of service/(new accts) $10 fee for activating used phone). 
Afterwards everything on your Sprint Android phone will work:
  • Talk
  • Text(sms)
  • Picture Text(mms)
  • 3g EvDo Internet(4g when possible)
  • GPS
  • Navigation
  • Google play(Android App Market)
Afterwards everything on your iPhone will work:
  • Talk
  • Text
  • 3g EvDo internet
  • iMessaging
  • Facetime     


  All you need is:

  • A usb wire to connect both of the phones to your computer.

  • Download a program that allows remote control of your computer. Contact me for further info.